8 Weeks Went By Fast

Ollie, 7 mo.

Ollie, 7 mo.

The eight weeks J was home for the summer with Ollie is coming to a close as J prepares to teach again next week. I speak for J when I say he had great bonding opportunities between naps (Ollie’s, not J’s!). I also enjoyed the days here and there that I worked from home and was able to play with Ollie on occasion during break-time. I also enjoyed the little perks like lunch catered to my home office from J’s Diner (aka, our kitchen!).

Things will probably feel more regimented again once Ollie’s back in daycare w/Jill (the lady down the street). I’m seriously looking into working from home a few days a week, though … more on that later. Let’s just say I’m getting too good at it and wouldn’t mind working longer days if it meant I could do it at home.

J’s grandpa is about to arrive at our house after a long drive from Ontario (J’s uncle’s house). He’s doing a “Florida to Canada and back” tour and we’re his first stop home. We’re doing all we can to make this a memorable and enjoyable stay: stocked the fridge with his favorite things, etc. This also means we get to go to Bob Chinn’s in Wheeling, his favorite restaurant (as well as Portillos and other local faves they don’t have in Florida). Hook up ye olde feedbag!

This is a really special weekend as Ollie will meet his great-grandpa and namesake for the first time!


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