In the 80s

In the '80s when cereal companies didn't "sugar-coat" the facts.

I ate my share of cereal when I was a kid. Cookie Crisp being among my guiltiest pleasure. I knew it was wrong to eat mini chocolate chip cookies in a milk bath for breakfast. Even as a little kid, I knew. Cookies for breakfast? Come on! That was back in the day when Big Cereal didn’t claim such sweet, gluttonous cereals were “healthy,” though.

Enter 2009: The current ads for sugary cereal are so deceptive with their vitamin, protein and fiber claims. Fine, you put fiber in a sugary piece of puffy, sweet filler. The cereal is still mostly filler. Oh, so you pumped vitamins into it. Well, I think it’s common knowledge that people are better off getting most of their vitamins from the source: fresh produce – and protein from dairy, meat, soy, etc.

I’m pretty sure an egg and toast for breakfast with an apple is going to go a lot further for a child than a sugary rush of cereal and milk that’s going to leave him crashing and hungry again in 10 minutes. Sorry, Ollie, no Fruit Loops for you, kiddo. At least not every day. And cereal companies: Shame on you for deceiving parents to turn a profit.


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