Playdates … a Must

playdateI’m writing this between baby bites of chicky noodle and veggie lunch. I thought I’d mention that b/c it’s reality … mommy is the ultimate multitasker. First thing’s first: went to the pediatrician yesterday for the 9-month checkup to great news the baby is “perfect” and “awesome” — doc’s words, not ours, although we share the sentiment, of course.

Yesterday was a great day for the baby — and mommy and daddy. We had a playdate with my husband’s childhood friend, his wife and their little girl, who is two weeks younger than our Ollie. She is an adorable lil Irish lass with rosy cheeks, blue eyes and the proportions of a baby supermodel — slender and tall.

They are at an awesome age — sitting up unsupported, rolling over and attempting to crawl. They don’t fight or hit or toy-horde and they are blissfully unaware that they are the opposite sex. It is a wonderful time to watch them interact and engage in play. Giggling, smiling, babbling and sharing all the while.

During night-night, we marked our adult time with a few beers and a viewing of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

The other mom and I — we’re working moms whose kids are in daycare socializing with kids during the week, but I think we both value a playdate now and then. The parents get to bond and the kids interacting bring us all closer together. Sometimes the adults need a playdate as much as the babies.

We both let off some steam about our childless friends who don’t “get it” or just plain don’t want to get it, as well as chatted about the hilarity of parenthood. And we talked about our occasional date nights, work, caught up on each others’ lives and laughed a lot. You could say this playdate was as much about the babies as it was about the adults. So yeah, I’m a big fan of the playdate and, as you can predict, the last thing we said before parting ways was, “We need to do this more often.”


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