A Poo Blog

Surely you want to read about shit, right? No? Then move on. I have to get a poo story out of my system (oh the puns). So this morning my mother’s intuition was right once again, but this time, I ignored it. I put Ollie in the holding tank (aka the crib) while I showered for work. As I lay him down, something about his diaper didn’t seem right, but the tabs were stuck from what I could tell, so I let it go (rule No. 1 of Mother’s Intuition: Follow your intuition, dummy!).

He was quietly playing by the time I was putting on my makeup, but started whining a bit by the time I was done, so I went to check him out. There he was, standing with his diaper half off and a perfect poo dollop stuck to the fitted monkey sheet. Apparently, unlike most things within crawling distance, he did not want to play with his poop. Thank God. Part of me was frazzled because I was already running late, but because I’m largely on baby time now and I was long overdue for this sort of mess, I took it pretty gracefully. Not to mention, it could have been way worse. The poo could have been on the walls and toys and him, but it wasn’t. It was the cleanest poo situation in the history of poo situations.

1 Response to “A Poo Blog”

  1. 1 Kate December 10, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    Lucky for you this wasn’t STFU, Parents material! 🙂

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