My Little Foodie

An awesome book Tia Cely got Ollie! Great illustrations.

I’m savoring this time in Ollie’s life where he eats — or at least tries — everything we put in front of him. I know kids are generally picky, so it brings me so much joy to watch this kid try new stuff. And I am not so naive that I believe it will always be this way. I know enough kids whose diets consist of mainly chicken nuggets and mac’n’cheese to believe my kid’s palate is special. But darn it, we’re going to keep trying new, interesting foods until it gets thrown back at us.

Short of peanut butter and honey — two no-nos for the first few years — Ollie’s had it all. The ginger when we went for sushi — he was all about it. Lemons? Tried it. He had to. Mommy is a lemonhead. Thanksgiving’s greatest hits — oh yeah! Auntie Karen’s sweet potato casserole being his favorite. He likes edamame, meatballs, elotes, French toast, mangoes and most recently, spaetzle. He’s had cheese fries from Portillo’s — come on, he’s a Chicago kid after all! Loves White Castles. Kosher dills are another favorite. He eats the seedy part and sucks on the rind. Never met a tangerine he didn’t like.

True, you can catch him snaking on Goldfish (and now Sharks!), Cheerios and Pirate’s Booty. He’s a sucker for chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese. He’s an all-American kid, but he’s not opposed to trying new things we serve him. Sharing new foods is one of the coolest things about being a parent.

When he discovers his independence and learns to say “no” back and stomp away, things might get interesting during dinner-time, but for now, I’m really loving sharing all the wonderful foods of the world with my little foodie.


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