Does This Smile Make Me Look Old?

"Actually, Sally, I never thought about what would happen if we stopped smiling."

I signed up for free subscriptions to Parents and American Baby when I was preggo last year with the intention of taking most of their contents with a grain of salt. After all, they are largely communicating to the lowest common denominator of American readers while appeasing their advertisers. Come on, I’ve been in publishing for some time now. I know how it works and I accept it. But last night read something in Parents that I thought was way out of bounds, leaving me feeling totally miffed – had to share:

“All of the smiling you do with kids can cause fine lines even in your 20s. Try these tips to fend off the early signs of aging.”

–Page 47, Parents, Jan. 2010

WTF sort of message is that? “Don’t smile so much or you’ll get wrinkles”? “Damn kids and their smile-inducing qualities”? “Aging is bad, so buy this expensive snake oil from companies we’re trying to court as advertisers in order to “fend” off your ugly wrinkles … you old, unattractive witch”?

It’s bad enough it’s the same old “aging = bad” spiel, but they had to associate SMILING WITH YOUR KIDS with wrinkles … Two of life’s greatest joys! Take mommysalright’s advice, smile a lot, damn it! To hell with the consequences! 🙂

And by the way, this is my “beauty” secret of the day: knock-off Olay moisturizer with SPF.


1 Response to “Does This Smile Make Me Look Old?”

  1. 1 Kate December 16, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    I will take that advice, damn it!

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