A Place for the Toys to Live

Ollie needs a toy box. At least he’ll need one no later than his first birthday on January 7th. I coveted my childhood toy box, which ended up in a dumpster during my sister’s second-to-(hopefully)-last move-out of her ex’s house. It ended up being a shoe receptacle in the garage for many years, so it stunk anyway. Plus, if I do remember correctly, it slammed on our little hands more than once, so it wasn’t exactly kid-friendly. The idea of restoring it seemed worthwhile, but alas, it was not meant to be.

I did a little homework and found some pretty basic, functional chain store toy chests I bookmarked to buy after Christmas. But then it dawned on me the answer to my desire for something sentimental and inexpensive is not at a retailer, it’s at the lumber yard.

I am pretty sure I want Jason to make Ollie’s toy box, but am not really sure how to justify it right now because it’s so much easier to buy one pre-built or ready-to-assemble. But now that I have this bug in my keister about a hand-made toy box, I can’t stop thinking about it. If Jason was hopeless around tools, it would be one thing, but he’s built decks, retaining walls, tool benches, lamps, stairs, shelving, etc. – all from scratch. Not to mention, he’s an artist. Plus, he’s a doting dad who would move mountains for Ollie. But he’s also pretty exhausted right now, particularly from a huge backyard project he largely did solo, teaching and grad school … plus all the little crap around the house that needs to get done while he’s on break.

I’m going to see what his thoughts are. I would honestly be happy with anything at this point as the toy count is on its way to tripling in about three weeks’ time! We shall see.

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