A Good Resin

I started getting into chunky resin rings probably three years ago when I bought my first one at Glam To Go in Roscoe Village. Then Discovery started carrying them and you know I’m a sucker for a good deal. Anyway, every once in awhile I’ll wear one if I think of it. Accessorizing isn’t the biggest priority these days. I’m lucky to leave with dry hair some mornings! Anyway, I’m back to wearing my chunky rings again for the most functional of reasons – Ollie loves looking at and playing with them during meal time. It grabs his attention as I swoop in with a utensil. I should mention feeding a toddler is way more, let’s say interesting than feeding a baby. Suddenly there are a gazillion reasons why a toddler won’t voluntarily open his mouth for every bite. So I’ll be rocking my sparkly, chunky, colorful rings until further notice.

My collection of junky, chunky resin rings. Never imagined when I bought them in my 20s that they'd serve the function of entertaining my toddler during mealtime. Works for me!


1 Response to “A Good Resin”

  1. 1 staci February 2, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    I always try to wear big sparkly rings to Jen’s house because Nick LOVES them. And I totally exploit the fact that I’m wearing one to lure him over in the off chance he’s in a huggy mood.

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