“they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!”

J forwarded me this parenting post from Reddit, from “klenow.” Have to admit, it sums up how we feel pretty much to a T (although my goal is to not spank, not even once if that’s possible):

“I am a bit old school. I have two kids 6 and 2.5, girl and boy respectively.

First you start with philosophy. I am not here to be their buddies, I am their parent. I don’t take that distinction lightly, we can be buddies when they are 20. Central to my philosophy is discipline. They must do what my wife and I say. Safety issues are involved with this. I don’t believe you should ever talk your kids into anything, or have to convince them. You are the parent. Example: I was at the park and some mom was asking the kid to be done…she said “Johnny can we be done playing now?” You know what the little shit’s response was? “NO!” I give my kids a 5 minute warning that we will leave in 5 so they can prepare their brains but when it hits, we are gone no discussions.

We are progressive as a couple but inadvertently settled into traditional roles in the sense that dad is the last scary threat. I have spanked each one once, when I did I made it hurt, now I don’t have to anymore. The threat is enough. A deep daddy voice goes a long way. You are alpha male, the silver-back, let them know.

Some things are not negotiable. No tantrums ever. No talking back. manners at public places. Failure to follow these rules results in a shit storm. Mom does the day to day and if the kids get bad dad is the nuclear option.

Parenting isn’t rocket science and I think you are putting to much thought into it and not enough instinct. Kids are not rational creatures, they are little terminators. They can’t be bargained with! They can’t be reasoned with! They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!”


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