Skepchick’s Tell-All Preggo Post!

The only thing that makes this Skepchick post (“What pregnant women won’t tell you. Ever.”) better is the fact that it was forwarded to me by my husband! Surely now he KNOWS I wasn’t makin’ this shit up.

Here what I related to the most:

“Staying Awake: The first trimester, it’s not even worth it to try.” We were in the process of moving from Chicago to the burbs during my first trimester. I did not box one thing. OK, maybe one. I was SO incredibly lethargic and lacked all motivation. J not only boxed up the house and moved it, but he gave footrubs on the daily. Thanks, babe!

“Cervix Kicks: Oh your sweet little baby is healthy and moving around and kicking. You can feel him bumping around. It’s magical. HOLY SHIT! WHAT WAS THAT?” Yeah, that was freaky and very out-of-body (or, um, in-the-body).

“Swelling Junk: Everyone knows things swell when you’re pregnant. Your hands swell. Your feet swell. Your face swells. Your boobs enter a room 5 minutes before you, and 10 minutes after your belly.” I’ve always been small-chested, so I was kind of looking forward to some big knockers for a few months. I take it all back. I never want big boobs (at least not under the condition they also have to feel all hurty). Additionally, I consider it a miracle that I was ever able to again fit into shoes that were not of the Velcro and “super-wide” variety. My feet looked like those extreme foot deformities they put in podiatry journals. Let’s face it, the pregnant woman is a freakshow. Albeit a miracle-making one. To who you owe everything. 🙂

Got any messed up preggo stories? Yours or someone you know? If you’ve never had babies, what freaks you out most about pregnancy/childbirth?

1 Response to “Skepchick’s Tell-All Preggo Post!”

  1. 1 dada February 5, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Yeah, that’s a FACT JACK. Like I said after Ollz was birthed- It’s a miracle anyone has brothers and sisters.

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