News Item of the Week: Safety Dogs?

When I heard the buzz about how hot dogs are a choking hazard for kids and the potential hot dog redesign, a few things came to mind:

  1. Are we really feeding our kids this many hot dogs that it’s a widespread problem? Gross! Feed your kids real food, people.
  2. Are there parents out there who don’t cut up their kids’ food into bite-sized pieces when they’re too little to chew? Then it’s a parenting problem, not a hot dog problem.
  3. What’s the “magic age” that a kid can eat a hot dog in its current encased form without choking? Seriously. Is it when their molars are in or what? I kind of need to know. There is a good chance I will occasionally treat my kid (and myself) to a traditional Chicago-style hot dog when he’s ready – dragged through the garden and all.


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