True Story: Stuff I Don’t Mess Around With

Geoffry, does this smell a little funny to you?

I preemptively dub myself “The Paranoid New Mom” when I call the pediatrician about what they probably consider amateur hour, but there are a few things I don’t mess around with and one of them is poop.

We were trained early and often about baby poop – what to expect, what’s normal, what’s alarming. Disgusting as it was, we looked inquisitively at the poop pictures that were passed around in “Brining Home Baby” classes so we’d know that meconium (baby’s first poop) is black and why later it would look like Grey Poupon meets sweet potatoes (breastfed baby poop).

Today Ollie had a very pale poop. Not stark white, but very light colored. Sort of tanish beigish. At first, I’m like, OK,  he’s been teething and not eating very much because of it, so maybe it’s just his current diet. Still, I googled “baby poop” and found this really helpful chart about how white poop could indicate that there is no bile from the liver to digest food and to call the doctor. So I did just in case there was a “gray” area between white and tan that I should be concerned with. The nurse said unless it is chalky white and hard, that he’s OK. Phew!

The other thing I don’t mess with is the ears. Ollie’s had two ear infections in his young life and the last one in January was really bad in one ear. Ollie is an easy-going kid, very happy and was only really inconsolable once when he had a fever (which was during his first ear infection). His ear infections tend to manifest through a runny nose, which he had again last week. My doc said especially at this age when he’s learning how to say words and communicate, an ear infection hinders his ability to hear, which is cause for concern, therefore needs to be treated. So I don’t mess. I had him in to see the doc last Friday. Thankfully he checked out OK. And we were able to get his second (and final) H1N1 shot out of the way while we were there.

Sure, there are lots of warning signs when kids are not OK, but some are not as obvious. For me, it’s ears, and today anyway, poop. As for the “paranoid mommy” technique, I’m thinking this might also come in handy down the road when someone is faking sick to stay home from school. A threat to take a kid to the doctor is probably not worth it. It never was for me, anyway.

Have you had any “paranoid mommy” moments? What health issues do you “not mess around with” at your house? Also, can you be too safe? Is there such thing as being too paranoid when it comes to your kid’s health?


1 Response to “True Story: Stuff I Don’t Mess Around With”

  1. 1 papa February 24, 2010 at 2:24 pm

    I don’t mess around with poop either!
    Yes I do.

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