“He’s Gone.”

“He’s gone.” was a tweet from  Califmom on Sunday. I felt my heart sink. I should mention I don’t know her. I don’t even know her real name. But I felt for her and wanted to know more.

I found her through one of my favorite parent bloggers  Kelly Oxford. She’s a super-snarky stay-at-home mom from Calgary who tweets, tumbles and blogs – and has gotten a lot of attention for it. She’s not your Donna Reed, happy homemaker, mom-next-door type. She’s honest, she’s imperfect and she’s on some A-listers’ radar for her wit and for being fearless when it comes to calling celebs out on their shit.

Yesterday, I started looking through her twitter “favorites” to see who she’s following and found that solemn tweet from Califmom.

Her previous tweet linked to a post on her blog, “The Strength of a Child’s Love”, so I read it to see what was going on.

What I discovered was a very painful, but honest piece about her and her kids surrounding her husband’s deathbed in their home, aware that his battle with cancer was going to end at any moment.

I think the post speaks for itself. If you’re interested, please read it.

Here is what I took from it: For those of us who have healthy families, full of joy and love, remember on occasion that it can be taken away at any time without rhyme or reason. Don’t obsess over it, but be cognizant. This knowledge will help you love harder. The post also reminds us that we are fucking strong. Faced with adversity, we HAVE to be. For our kids, for our spouses and for ourselves.

Califmom – I wish you and your family the very best and I am incredibly inspired by the power of your family’s love. I was deeply moved by your honesty and strength. I’m happy I found your story.


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