Ollie’s been busy racking up the milestones lately …

  • First skinned knee: Saturday in front of Grandma B.’s house. Remember skinned knees? Skinned palms? It wouldn’t hurt too bad until you noticed the blood and the Bactine came out! Luckily, Ollie’s was pretty minor.
  • First freckle: Wee Irish laddies are known for their freckly complexion, but my boo’s first noticeable freckle is on the sole of his foot near his heel!  And yes, I kiss it daily!
  • First pair of flip-flops: Chubby little toes and cankles in flip flops are a sight. Ollie has two pairs: a snug pair and roomy pair. No half sizes for tots.
  • First buddy tubby time: At first, I wasn’t sure I could handle a couple of boys splashing around in a tub, but Ollie’s big cousin Nick was super sweet to Ollie and helpful to me in getting them both clean while having some sudsy fun in the tub.
  • First cutoffs/first jorts: The cutoffs were made from my FAVORITE pair of baby jeans Ollie got from his grandpa’s business partners. They are designer (Kenneth Cole, I think?) and he started wearing them before he could crawl up until probably March. Unable to part with them, I cut them off when they got too short. They’re way adorbs. He’s also sported jorts (jean shorts) this summer. They’re not at all as geeky as when adult men wear them, but rest assured, I’ll be sure to break the jorts habit by the time he begins dating.
  • First ride: Ollie’s first “ride” was aboard a bright blue train at Choo Choo Johnny’s in Naperville where your food arrives on a track in train cars. Fifty cents later and he was hooked!
  • First fish/shellfish: I waited SUPER long to introduce Ollie to fish fearing allergies, but now he’s had flounder and shrimp (loves both, not surprisingly). FYI: here is a guide for when you can introduce what to your baby/toddler.
  • First TV show: As noted in a previous post, I finally broke down one day when I was cleaning floors and put on Nick Jr. for Ollie so I could finish the job. He just LOVES “Yo Gabba Gabba,” “Dora” and “Little Bear.” Nick Jr. is pretty guilt-free for when I really, really need a “hand.”
  • First Mix on Mommy’s iPod: With music from Aquabats, Ramones, Smoosh, Feist and more! Our guilty pleasure is Usher’s new single “OMG.” We’re pretty famous for car dancing.

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