Review Wednesday: Training Toothpaste

We choo-choo-choose the training toothpaste!

Ollie is a big eater and has the chompers to manage his appetite. I can’t complain. He’ll eat almost anything, which is great because his diet is largely whole foods, whole milk and water. No junk, no juice and no processed foods. Has he had fries? Of course. And he is enamored with them. But he only gets them sporadically.

Anyway, with food comes plaque buildup and with buildup comes the necessity of brushing. As a self-proclaimed oral hygiene freak, you won’t see Mountain Dew mouth in my family. But I was really struggling to brush Ollie’s teeth recently.

I got the kiddie toothbrush with the cartoon character on it, but he just wasn’t feeling it. Anytime I got the brush into his little pursed mouth, my brushing attempts were always a haphazard and ended in tears. I tried to get him to mimic me fake brushing my teeth like I read about on some parent message board — that kind of worked. But I finally ended up using damp cotton rounds and wiping his pearly whites. I know it sounds odd, but I figured it’s no different than a washcloth, which I also heard is an alternative to a brush. That was the only thing that seemed to work.

My pediatrician wasn’t impressed, though, stating there wasn’t enough friction with the cotton, and gave me all sorts of ideas like brushing along with the William Tell Overture to brushing fun. Mkay.

I settled on trying “training toothpaste” – another suggestion she gave me. She said kids largely end up liking the taste and swallowing the toothpaste, but it gets the brush in there and they chew on it and work it around. And the paste is safe. Good enough for me.

I got Orajel training toothpaste with Thomas the Tank Engine on the box. Training toothpaste does not have fluoride in it, therefore if swallowed, it is not harmful. Too much fluoride during the years of tooth development can result in fluorosis, which creates defects in tooth enamel. Ick.

The Orajel seemed to go over well. Ollie does just what Doc said he would (chews on the brush), but the key is the brush is in his mouth. I interrupt him occasionally to actually brush and let him resume chewing.

So the Orajel gets a sparkling review from this chick’s kid.

1 Response to “Review Wednesday: Training Toothpaste”

  1. 1 Kate August 4, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    I used this Looney Tunes toothpaste when I was a kid (I think it was made by Colgate … not sure) that tasted awesome and was safe to swallow. Memories, y’all!

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