Review Wednesday: Nûby

Nûby? No thanks.

My personal feeling about graduating children from bottles/the boob to sippy cups is that what’s the diff? I think most sippy cup spouts are glamorized nipples anyway. And the fact that the sucking motion is involved vs. sipping, I have to wonder what is being taught by replacing a bottle with a sippy cup? I think as parents, we’re just kind of lazy and don’t want to deal with spilled milk. I speak for myself.

I know my kid is capable of drinking from a cup (because he has), but do I want to offer him a cup full of milk at ever meal when he has a track record of spilling, tipping and throwing things? A cup of milk or water is TOO tempting for my lil stinker. So we use sippies.

At any rate, the majority of sippies we’ve received or purchased ourselves is just fine. But there is one in particular that I’m not a huge fan of – Nûby. It looks like a baby bottle that is flattened, and given a modern design and handles. Pronounced nuh-bee.

Nûby is fugly and has a pretentious spelling. And function-wise, at least for my kid, it’s ineffective. There is no leak protection, so when tipped, it spills out. And the spout is so soft and supple, it reminds me too much of a bottle nipple. Maybe Nûby is designed for the earliest phases of sippy cup training?

Washing Nûby is a chore. The ring and spout are pretty simple to separate for cleaning, but I’ve had a hell of a time putting them back together.

I just read some Amazon reviews to make sure I’m not crazy and sure enough, people are squawking about the same problems I’ve had and did the same thing I did when they’d “had enough” – trashed ’em.


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