Boobs. So What?

It was a little overboard for Sesame Street to axe the very cute, very innocent Katy Perry/Elmo duet about playing dress up to the tune of “Hot N Cold.”

The argument parent-censors are posing is that her cleavage is too racy for the preschool set.

I don’t get it.

I think people who see sex in every little thing are kind of pervy. Not to mention, parents who are afraid they might have to talk about boobs or other body parts with their kids are just plain in denial.

And, I’m also biased. I’m amused by Perry’s goofy, colorful personality and find her way more kitschy and campy than sexy and lusty. Plus, I’m kind of addicted to the original version of this song.

Like everything in the universe, parents should be the ultimate decision-makers of what is OK and not OK to view at home. To expect TV to make those decisions is impractical and frankly, lazy parenting.

I have to add, though, it was mildly entertaining to debate this issue with a crazy lady on Chicago Parent’s Facebook fan page. I recoiled after she cited Eve and the devil in the Garden of Eden “for our need to view a body as sexual.”

And now, a look at famous boobs (some more figurative than literal) you and your kids have already seen …

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