Om Nom Nom Nom: Meal Planning and Stuff

Rules blow and menu planning seems forced. I hate diets because I don’t like being told what/how much to eat. But if I’m honest, my family desperately needed to meal plan, so I made a fun, not-too-strict din-din routine we can live with. So far, this is the first week I remembered Meatless Mondays (after about three fails). I usually have turkey sausage for breakfast and that has been really hard to break on Monday mornings when my head’s still super foggy from the weekend (excuses, excuses!).

Let me just say Taco Tuesday is the bomb, Pizza Friday coming in at a close second. But we really, really need to work on Wild Card Wednesday. That’s our time to be creative and try something new. We’ve kind of been sucking at that. Do you meal plan? What is your favorite foodie night?


1 Response to “Om Nom Nom Nom: Meal Planning and Stuff”

  1. 1 Kate October 8, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    I meal plan to an extent, but it’s pretty loosey goosey. I generally shop once a week based on a list. On the weekends I make stuff for my lunches for the week and usually one other item that can serve as leftovers for a few days. I’m pretty lazy and loathe cooking during the week, so I have a number of super quick and easy recipes to throw together. My favorite recently is fried rice with hot Italian sausage and broccoli. Wednesday nights are usually pizza since that’s my library night. Sometimes I’ll just eat guac and chips or homemade sweet potato fries for dinner. I’m the healthiest. 😉

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