“Ray” Told B …

“A told B,

and B told C,

‘I’ll meet you at the top

of the coconut tree!'”

Clockwise: “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” – a must-own ABCs book; my friend Cely H., who turned us onto the book, in a Chicka Chicka costume; book with play-along tree and letters; You can should buy the version of the book that comes with narration by Ray Charles (uh-huh). 

Over the summer, my librarian/educator friend Cely H. brought over a copy of “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” – a much-loved ABCs book. It’s been one of my son’s favorites ever since – he’s totally memorized it. Written by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault, and illustrated by Lois Ehlert in 1989, the book – with its sing-songy rhythms and bright colors – makes learning the alphabet lots of fun. Every parent of small children should own a copy!

This story centers on lowercase letters (“children”) who can’t resist climbing up the coconut tree. So excited, they all run up quickly, the trunk bows, and the letters fall just as fast as they ran up. Uppercase letters (“adults”) come to their rescue. But as soon as night falls, the little letters are at it again. Sort of a metaphor for parenting!

Cely informed me that the book was released with a recording of Ray Charles narrating in the ’90s. It’s awesome … listen for yourself!


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