Sound It Out: Spring Music Reviews

Mo Phillips, “Monster Suit” – If an album is on a label called “Hey! Bacon!! Records,” it’s gotta be good, right? Right! “The Worst Party Ever Thrown” is a jangly ’60s groove that’ll have your tot doing the monkey. An ironic party favorite? Indeed. “Hot Lava” is a country ditty with fiddles and twangy vocals. “Rollerskate Banana Peels” is alt rock with girl-guy vocals … you see where this is going? With so many genres covered here, there is something for everyone. Consider it a picky kid’s delight.

La Bella Stella, “Celebrate Earth Music Series” – This is the perfect soundtrack for your Earth Day celebration on April 22nd – and every day! “La Bella Stella” is all about Earth’s relationship to space in 15 catchy tracks. Music that is educational, enjoyable and engaging is what most children’s musicians aim for and this album really nails it. I think I even learned a few things! My favorites are the upbeat “Galaxy Song,” a sweet little lullaby “Safe at Home” and the quirky “Pluto.”

The Good Ms. Padgett Sings “The Little Red Hen & Other Stories” – Gather ’round, it’s story time! Oh, how I adore The Good Ms. Padgett’s storytelling (aka Anna Padgett). From the I-can-do-it-by-myself tale of “The Little Red Hen” to a singsongy rendition of “Goldilocks,” the four classic tales told here keep kids eager to hear what happens next.



London Philharmonic Orchestra, “The Soldier’s Tale” (Maestro Classics) – You have your kid pop, your kindie, your rock lullabies, and for the well-rounded young music enthusiast, you can’t forget classical. With an engaging morality play featuring a solider and his violin, “The Soldier’s Tale” features both a narrative and the captivating instrumentals of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat.”


Sukey Molloy, “I Am Happy!” – This album is fun for the little ones with listener participation (“I Put My Scarf On My Head”), exceptional sound effects (“Riding on a Ferry”) and learning numbers and languages (“Counting Song”). With Molloy’s signature gentle, upbeat vocals, it’s the perfect album for the preschool set.



Orange Sherbet, “Delicious” – Probably not a great idea to review this album at lunchtime (*grrrrrowl*). All about four seasons of fresh, local foods and fun preparations, “Delicious” has all of the tasty ingredients of a kids’ new favorite. Need some meal inspiration using seasonal produce? Look no further than the four seasons food raps (tracks 2, 5, 9 and 13). OK, I need to address my hunger issues now.


Gustafer Yellowgold, “Year in the Day” – My son Ollie is a fan of “yellow guys” – from “The Simpsons” to Gustafer Yellowgold, his cartoon buddy from the creative mind of musician/illustrator Morgan Taylor. He was so excited about Gustafer’s new DVD/CD “Year in the Day.” In his latest effort, Gustafer takes us through 11 months of holidays and celebrations from New Years’s Day (“New is the New Old”) to Groundhog Day (“A Shadow”) to Halloween (“Werewolves Rock”). Once again, Taylor succeeds in everything he tries to achieve with Gustafer: creates whimsical, inspiring illustrations set to melodic mellow, yet exciting rock music tied together with a common theme that kids can relate to, all of which parents enjoy, too (not just tolerate).

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