Autumn Music Reviews

The Colored Pencil Factory

It’s rootsy and bluegrassy – something revival lovers (e.g. Avett Brothers fans) will enjoy, and for their kids, silly lyrics about playing make believe (“Make it Up”), freaking out (“Freak Out”) and some traditional folk songs like “Shortenin’ Bread.”

The Grand Scream of Things
Andy Z

Hey, if the retailers can start rolling out Christmas stuff, we can get a little jump on enjoying some Halloween fun. Part narrative, part soundtrack, it’s an exciting musical adventure through Andy’s not-so-ordinary Autumn day. “Pumpkin Patch” is more treat than trick – an Oi! ode to everyone’s favorite harvest time tradition.

Raise a Ruckus

Although it’s a well-polished, well-intentioned, upbeat, pop-country record that’s certainly head-bob-worthy, there isn’t much ground being broken here.

Love is a Superpower
Ben Rudnick & Friends

This rolls through the eras and genres of music from ’50s rock to disco to reggae with cutesy songs about everything from food with attitude (“Chicken Soup Ballad” – think “Rawhide”) to a ditty about the magical, wonderful invention of the wheel (“Wheels”). 

Bubble Ride
Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys

Rich with a variety of acoustic instruments and soothing vocals, this is a perfect toddler-preschooler album that strikes the silly (“Tickle Monster”) and ballady (“What Am I to Do?”) balance.

Because I Said So
Big Bang Boom

In the world of kiddie rock/kindie, whatever you want to call it, parents like me long for the adult likability and kid-friendliness of bands like Big Bang Boom. They sound like a fun festival band you would feel comfortable seeing with everyone from a newborn to great-grandma. “Hippy Mom” is an adorable tribute to the DIY, flower-donning, free-wheeling and fun-loving mom we all kind of secretly want to be.

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