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What’s Really Scary About Halloween


This Halloween has been kind of, well, scary.

First, while researching Halloween costumes for little girls, I google-imaged female comic book characters. Oops. Mostly erotic fan art of our beloved princesses, heroines and lady sidekicks. It breaks my heart a little seeing one objectified female character after another online. The geeky art lover in me and the protective, feminist mom in me are torn. OK, there was that one somewhat tasteful, cartoon pinup of April O’Neil, though.

Secondly, that Fargo, N.D., woman and her fat-shaming letter to parents of obese kids? (I’m not even going to link it – google it if you have a burning desire to be angry today.) Mission accomplished. She’s a troll and she won. And even WAY before the actual holiday. People, please stop perpetuating people like her by reposting their stories. She’s literally one in 314 million Americans. Stop making assholes Internet infamous.

Third, if your town is banning teens from trick or treating, that’s super lame and I’m sorry. Slow clap for the people in charge of your town who made that rule. I don’t know the magic age, but 12, 13 and 14 year olds? They are kids. Let them enjoy the day. I was still playing with Barbie dolls at 12. I was certainly trick or treating.

Fourth, let’s talk about news outlets posting sex offender maps this time of year. It’s public information being used as a scare tactic on a slow news day or to boost online content. Pretty sure those losers are not opening their doors to trick or treaters today (by law). How about a useful story about coming up with a game plan for trick-or-treat scenarios like a creep inviting them into the house? Or what to do if they get separated from their group? Oh wait, you can’t simply grab that off of another site, lazy, mediocre journalists? (Yes you can.)

We have a lot of Halloweens ahead of us. I love this holiday and I refuse to let the media, and a very insignificant group of “authorities” and creeps take the fun out of it for my family and me. I hope the same is true for you and yours.

On a lighter note, and speaking of creepy stuff, this year I have been obsessed with vintage Halloween pics. If a gang of shorties showed up at my door tonight in some old-timey masks, I would surrender all of the candy. Enjoy!

And Happy Halloween!



Halloween Mixtape!

halloweenLeaves rustle and the chill of the autumn breeze tingles your spine. Aliens, superheroes, wild beasts, curious creatures and masked monsters are at every turn – EEK! It’s Halloween! On this magical night of kiddie cosplay, a child’s imagination is king. Our Halloween Mixtape is chock-full of  tunes by musicians who dare your little trick-or-treaters to dream, dress up, be thankful for their treats, share their treasures and of course, dance and sing along like it’s Saturday night, every night. No tricks here, just good jams:

Side A: Boos and Ghouls

  1. UFO – “Did they pull us into space? Or am I just a head-case? Or maybe I’m now part of the alien race?” Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights, from “Bandwagon” 
  2. Superhero You “Doing this, doing that, doing all that we could, using our power for good!” Steve Songs, from “Orangutan Van”
  3. Wild Things – “I love when they do the wild romp in the jungle and the swamp.” Miss Nina, from “Sha Doo Be Doop”
  4. Space Monkey – “If I could hang please from that big piece of cheese, I’d be the first monkey on Mars.” Jambo, from “Hootenanny”
  5. What Do You Wanna Be?“Farmer, doctor, fireman, what do you want to be?” Milkshake, from “Got a Minute?”
  6. Song in the Trees – “There’s a song in my dreams, it’s calling me … it’s singing ‘oooooh.'”  Preschool of Rock, from “Everything Makes a Sound”
  7. Share“Share, you’ll get a turn, too.” Renee & Jeremy from “The Best Foot Forward Series: SHARE!”
  8. Tyrannosaurus “You’re the mightiest beast to ever feast!” Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band, from “I’m So Glad”

Side B: Tricks, Treats and Treasure So Sweet

  1. Tattoo Me“Tattoo me with dragons and skulls that stick right to me.” Recess Monkey, from Deep Sea Diver
  2. Walkin’ The Dog“If you don’t know how to do it, I’ll show you how to walk that dog.” Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble, from “I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!)”
  3. My Treasure“You’re my treasure, carried you the whole way home to my dresser.” Recess Monkey, from “Desert Island Disc”
  4. Move Like Saturday Night“I can see by the look in your eyes, you’re ready to move like Saturday Ni-i-ight. “ Francis England, from “Blink of an Eye”
  5. Itsy Bitsy Spider“The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out.” Frankie D & Steven Bernstein, from “15 Songs Every Kid Should Know (and Will Love!)
  6. The Colors of the Sky“When nighttime arrives, the white moon shines above.”  Johnette Downing, from “Reading Rocks”
  7. Only Take What You Need“Choose a little, use it a lot and only take what you need.” Earth Mama, from “The Best Foot Forward Series: Gratitude Attitude”
  8. Whatever I Want To Be “Let’s run around and be just what we want!” Young Avenue Kids, from “Whatever I Want To Be”


Photo 1:; photo 2: Mommy’s Alright.

Halloween Reads

BOO! We love Halloween books. This October, the books below have been permanently on Ollie’s nightstand.

Tell me about your favorite books about Halloween, Día de los Muertos, the fall, the harvest – heck, Thanksgiving … basically great children’s books about this time of year. We can’t get enough!


Gimme The Candy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ollie was DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba for Halloween this year. It was funny hearing my mother-in-law explain who he was to some people in the neighborhood who don’t know DJ Lance Rock from Adam.

He was mistaken for Austin Powers at one house. I could totally see it. Plus, he refused to wear the fuzzy orange hat, which would have completed the look, but wasn’t necessary. His auntie’s efforts were spot-on down to the gold “ROCK” buckle and boom box that doubled as a candy bucket (she used a  six-pack carrier – genius!).

It was cute seeing Ollie get the whole trick-or-treating thing this year. Last year, he was just a furry little Ewok that we carried around everywhere. This year, he thought an open door was an invite inside at the first house, which was sort of priceless.

At another house, a lady at the door bend down to his level to chat and brought the candy bowl down with her, out of which Ollie proceeded to take one, two, three pieces. And a sucker for the road. In Ollie’s defense, she was an enabler.

What a great day for Halloween. You never know what you’re going to get in the Midwest this time of year. No rain or wind and it was sunny – perfect for trick-or-treating and pic-taking.

Halloween is AWESOME!

I probably loved Halloween more than a lot of kids growing up. I went to a Catholic grade school, so the opportunity to ditch the plaid jumper, white blouse and knee socks for a day and get dressed up was quite a thrill.

My costumes were always handmade or pieced together using regular clothes and flair. My mom put a lot of imagination into our costumes whether we were clowns, witches, genies, babies or cats. And to this day, if I’m going out to a Halloween party, I don’t purchase a pre-made costume or rent one from a costume shop. I’ve purchased props and wigs, but I always make my own costumes. There’s something really exciting about creating a costume from scratch.

Make no mistake, I am no seamstress like my mom was. I can hem on a pair of slacks and mend a hole in a stuffed toy, but I don’t have a sewing machine and patterns kind of scare me.

I feel so lucky that Ollie’s auntie is crafty and knows how sew and create costumes, that and that she volunteers to make Ollie’s and doesn’t protest my wacky ideas! Last year, he was an Ewok and she put a lot of time and thought into his outfit. My favorite part was the hoodie/cape with ears – and boy was it toasty warm!

This year, considering Ollie’s fandom of Yo Gabba Gabba, I thought a DJ Lance Rock costume would be a lot of fun. I also briefly considered Nacho Libre after my friend sent me a pic of a crazy-adorbs toddler in full regalia (including a painted-on mustache), but I thought a bare chest would be a little chilly.

So his auntie is putting on the finishing touches of DJ Lance Rock this week, which we’re now dubbing DJ Ollie Rock. It includes a cardboard ghetto blaster/candy bucket – just like the one that contains the YGG toys in the TV show! “Am I a bad auntie that I used a six-pack to make the boombox?” she asked?! Ha! I told her of course not! I would have done the same thing. 🙂

I positively can’t wait to see it.

It gets better – one of my friend’s got Ollie a DJ Lance Rock hat and glasses over the summer, and although Ollie’s not nuts about the hat, he LURVES the nrrrd glasses and wears them around all the time! So at least that’s one prop I know he’ll use!

  • Any great Halloween memories from childhood? One of our neighbors’ sons was a horror film nut and would decorate the front door entrance every year with ghouls, skeletons, lights, music and props.
  • Do you prefer piecing together/sewing your costumes or buying/renting them pre-made?
  • What is your favorite costume idea this year? I really love the thought of being Flo from Best excuse to buy a Bumpit® EVAR (unless you count Snooki)!
  • What’s  your favorite treat? Growing up, we had a neighbor that gave away king-size Snickers – score! My girlfriend said a woman in her neighborhood gave out a roll of 10 pennies taped together! Ha!

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