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The Tails of Abbygail, Episode 1: Dreams Come True

amoc1hcc8o3ijyamcbf3What little kids don’t daydream their favorite toys will come to life? Movies have been built around  such youthful fantasies (“Toy Story,” anyone?). Abbygail, a spunky little Jack Russell terrier, is no exception.

In the newly released live-action DVD, “Tails of Abbygail: Dreams Come True,”  the protagonist pup Abbygail watches her ultimate dream come true as her toy dogs and horses – including a cotton candy pink poodle, two giant draft horses and a Bernese mountain dog adorably named “Girlfriend” – magically come to life and embark upon an exciting journey with her. Along they way, they meet new furry faces and learn important, relevant lessons relatable to children ages 2-10.

My four-and-a-half year old son went on this 34-minute adventure with Abbygail and her canine and equine companions, completely enchanted with the storyline. When asked who his favorite character is, he naturally said “Abbygail,” and that his favorite parts were when the gang found treasure and threw a party.

The fun continues with four more episodes from the award-winning “Tails of Abbygail” series. For more, visit and be sure to like on Facebook!


“Alpha and Omega 3-D” Out Tomorrow + Wolfie Fun Online NOW!

Have you heard about the new flick “Alpha and Omega” yet? It’s a super-cute adventure about two wolves from different packs trying to find their way back home after being taken by park rangers and shipped halfway across the country. It features the voices of Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Christina Ricci and the late Dennis Hopper. Check out the trailer …

Lionsgate has created some fn activities that you can access through the “Alpha and Omega 3-D” website that will keep the little ones entertained into the new school year! It’s not only fully loaded with cool interactive games, but it also includes easy to download coloring pages, activity sheets, text book covers, stickers and more!

Also, if you’re a pet lover, Lionsgate and have teamed up to celebrate Pet Celebration Day in several towns across the country and invite you to host festivities in your hometown! If you become an “Alpha Host” in your community you’ll earn four free tickets to see the film! Check out the participating towns to see if there will be a Pet Celebration Day near you and sign up today to lead your “Pack”!

In The City

I lived and worked in Chicago for more than seven years, and in that time, I took advantage of everything it offered from music to food and culture to recreation. I loved it so much, in fact, that I published a niche zine dedicated to the amazing independent artists, musicians and businesspeople I met along the way. It’s that independent, DIY spirit that really got me hooked on city living. The colorful people, the global food and style, and even the hustle and bustle or city life continues to capture my spirit, even now that I live in the burbs. I wouldn’t trade raising my family in our beautiful neighborhood for city living, but I definitely have big plans for taking day trips with my family to the landmarks, restaurants and shops that won my heart during my stint in Chicago. I think no matter where you live, it’s important to share the world beyond your neighborhood with your kids whether you take lots of trips to interesting places or simply reading a book about new places with them. These are my favorite city books I like sharing with Ollie:

And some of my recommended indie bookstores for kids of all ages (in Chicago unless otherwise noted):

What are your favorite local bookstores? If you’re an urban family, do you have any “country” books you like reading to your children?

Lessons Learned Reading “Little Golden Books” the Second Time Around

Lessons learned reading “Little Golden Books” the second time around, Pt. 1: “Happy Man & His Dumptruck”: If a drunk scrap metal collector offers you a ride in his jalopy of a truck, go for it. He will proceed to tip the dumper up and down while he drives and you will be tossed around, possibly leaving you with abrasions and head trauma. He will then dump you out far from home for you to fend for yourself on a deserted road. For some reason, you will all be laughing all the while. Possibly due to the concussion.

“Stories for Free Children”

storiesOne of my living idols Jessica Hopper said her mama read from “Stories for Free Children” when she was growing up and that it had a profound effect on her. Therefore, I had to get a copy to read to my wee Ollie. I’m going to start reading it myself and dog-earing particularly awesome stories.


“‘Stories for Free Children’ reaffirms the joyful spirit of girls and boys who are free to be themselves and be true to themselves, stories that help parents and kids, teachers and student discuss sensitive subjects such as divorce, adoption and death. These stories unfold in a humanized society — a nonsexist, multiracial, multicultural work that tells children that they fit in.”

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